Discover the DEEG Advantage

Honolulu Neuroscience Clinic is the only Hawaii neuroscience group to use the Dense-Array Electro-Encephalography (DEEG) technology to image and map the thinking human brain.

What is DEEG?

The Dense-Array Electro-encephalograph (DEEG) is a highly sophisticated brain scan that reads electrical energies as they emerge from the scalp. Whereas traditional EEGs use 20 to 32 microphones, the DEEG uses 128 tiny microphones to capture the electrical pulsations radiating from the human brain. 

The electrical pulsations are transferred to images that provide us with an exquisitely accurate reconstruction of the thought processes as the thoughts are being generated. We can literally see the mind in action. The images from the DEEG are then used to guide therapies to help repair brain trauma, etc. in therapy.

Brain Injuries Can Be Detected

Healthy Patients Benefit As Well

Uninjured, healthy individuals also may benefit from the services provided by the Honolulu Neuroscience Clinic. The DEEG may be used to create a map of an individual's thought patterns and cognitive processing capabilities. Using the map as a starting point, neurotherapy may then be applied to improve thought-processing capabilities. 

Neurotherapy is a mind-directed, painless therapy that does not use pharmacological interventions. Following the neurotherapy, a repeat DEEG may then reflect the improved cognitive processing capability. Neurotherapy may be visualized as exercise for the brain, and the DEEG may be visualized as the scale used to measure the pre-exercise condition and post-exercise enhancements resulting from the brain's exercise program. 

For those who value health, Honolulu Neuroscience Clinic provides the methods to achieve a healthier mind and brain.
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