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The new Stanford Satellite Sleep Research Center will be located at Dr. Russo's 250 Ward Avenue office location
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Hawaii Sleep and Wellness Foundations

At Honolulu Neuroscience Clinic of Honolulu, HI, we believe in listening carefully to each patient. We believe that making the correct diagnosis is the key to successful treatment. 

We believe in identifying the pathway to improved health, and walking that path hand-in-hand with each patient. We use the Electrical Geodesics Dense-Array Electro-encephalograph (DEEG) with 128 channels to identify electrocortical dysfunction. 

We use the Advanced Brain Monitoring Sleep Profiler EEG to identify abnormalities in the sleeping brain. We are the first and only neurology clinic in Hawaii to use these most advanced methods. When the correct diagnoses are identified, then treatments may proceed with either non-pharmacological interventions or with pharmacological interventions.   

Dr. Russo does not believe in throwing medicines at a patient in advance of, or instead of, making a correct diagnosis. He also doesn't believe in guessing nor trying a laundry-list of pharmaceuticals in the hope that one may eventually work. 

We don't accept the belief that medications are always the answer, or are the only answer. Instead, we believe in natural medications, herbal supplements, and the power of vitamins. We accept the belief that the body can heal itself if given the opportunity and if shown the path. Neurofeedback, for example, is a powerful technique whereby the mind can heal the brain without needing adjunctive pharmaceuticals.   

Press Releases Are Available

Please read some of our recent press releases to learn the latest developments and events happening at Hawaii Pacific DEEG. We want to keep you informed about the latest so that you know that we're continually working to bring the rare Dense-Array EEG technology to a broader audience.

Media Conventions

We are constantly striving to bring you the most current information in neuroscience. Please check back soon to see what's new from the 2015 Annual Organization of Human Brain Mapping Convention.

Check out our brochure to learn more! 
We are members of the Hawaii Neurology Society and the Hawaii Sleep and Wellness Foundation. Call us today at 808-294-3332. 
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